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E:35 Creative

A little about E:35 Creative....

We are passionate about creative design that draws people together. We love seeing our work create happiness, fulfillment, and business for our clients. More coming soon...


Bio coming soon.


Michael is the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor for City Church Spokane... Full bio coming soon.


Jeremy is an artist for JeremyVermilion.com more info coming soon...

Services We Provide

Marketing | Advertising

This first starts with the understanding that marketing and advertising are not the same thing. They are siblings, possibly even twins, but they function very differently. We can handle virtually all of your marketing needs. From managing your Google adwords and facebook ad campaigns, to planning and implementing your companies open house. Multimedia advertising campaigns across several mediums are our specialty.

Web Development | Design and Maintenance

While every company has a website, most don't realize that their web presence is part of their brand. We make sure that your website tells the story you are trying to communicate. Some our services include : Analytics, Animation/Flash® Development, Custom Websites, Content Management System Implementation, E-Commerce Solutions, Multi-Language Website, Online Video, QR Codes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Campaigns, Video/DVD Development, Web Site Audits, Website Application Development, Web Design, Web Development & Programming

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Great, you have a website. The problem is nobody can find it. We can help. White Hat SEO strategies are all we use. We don't use computer programs that can get our website blacklisted. We are fast and effective. We don't care how buried you are on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Social Media Integration | Strategies and Management

Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning. We implement a 360' social strategy that truly effects your bottom line.

Branding | Logo, Print, Ad Design and Packaging

At E35 Creative we believe that branding or re-branding is much more than an epic logo, although we do create truly epic logos. True branding is about exposure and story. We ask these questions... What story are you trying to tell? and.... Where are you trying to tell it?

We try to make sure that these paradigms are considered: Delivers the message clearly. Confirms your credibility. Connects your target prospects emotionally. Motivates the buyer. Concretes user loyalty.

Graphic Design - Custom Design and Illustration

At E35 Creative we are artists first. Our graphic design and illustration strategies are world class. Here's some of the graphic services we offer: *Business Papers *Brochures *Folders *Newsletters *Posters *Proposals *Sales Kits

Media - Photo and Video

We also do photo and video shoots.

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